Being disabled won’t stop people…

But not having access to transport might.

Luigi lives at one of our homes in Cheltenham, and is one of life’s doers.

He works in an office three days a week, swims and cycles regularly, and is President of the Residents’ Committee. Luigi also loves to get out and about to meet friends, do the shopping or meet friends at the park.

Sadly, the funding for the driver who helps to get Luigi and other residents around on the weekend - giving them the independence and freedom any of us would want in our lives -  is quickly coming to an end.

Which is where you come in.

Just £5 from you could help pay for a driver and give Luigi and many others like him access to life-changing transport and a world of opportunities.  

Will you be a doer too?

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£5 can help pay for life-changing transport



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Luigi using gym equipment

£3 could help pay for a driver to ensure residents stay independent