Spring statement response

13 March 2019

In response to the Spring Statement, our chief executive Neil Heslop said:

‘From social care to employment support, disabled people have faced the sharp end of government policies for almost a decade.

‘While we welcome the Chancellor’s emphasis on job creation, this must be matched with polices, such as improving and promoting the government’s Access to Work scheme, so that disabled people can be part of this change.

‘Similarly, unless the NHS funding is coupled with robust funding for social care, disabled people will continue to face the brunt of our current care crisis.

‘The upcoming spending review needs to urgently address increasing demand and rationing of services, as short term cash injections will only mask the severe underlying problems in provision. 

‘Chronic failures of political leadership mean long-term strategies and solutions for disabled people are still not in sight or depend on a Brexit deal.

‘We continue to wait for the much-touted social care Green Paper, after delay upon delay.

‘The benefits freeze has not been lifted. All this time, a lack of a proper plan means many disabled people continue to face an uncertain, even perilous future.’

Media enquiries

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