At Home Superheroes

17 July to 14 August

Back for a fourth year, we have partnered with Superhero Series powered by Marvel. We have places in this exciting event, so be sure to grab one fast.




17 July to 14 August


This summer, the organiser is once again hosting At Home Superheroes, the virtual super flexible, month-long challenge. The challenge takes place between Saturday 17 July until Saturday 14 August. 

Registration has now closed.

You can complete the challenge in one day, a few days, or over the four-week period, and the great thing is, you don’t even need to leave your own neighbourhood. So get those Superhero costumes ready!

We ask that each participant raises £150 as part of their Superheroes challenge.

Places are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis

Who can enter

Anyone can join the fun and you can fly solo or team up with family and friends for your super mission. All we ask is that each solo participant, or at least one team member, considers themselves to have a disability (of any kind). 

If you know of anyone who would like to be part of a team, but needs people to team up with, please contact Lucy O’Herlihy and she will work to find a team for them virtually or nearby. 

The distance

We’ve thrown down the challenge of 20km, but you can set your own super distance depending on your personal circumstance, from 100m to 1,000km or more! You can also choose to use your super senses* to achieve your mission! 


Wherever you wish. Living room, garden, local park, street, countryside… The choice is yours.


You can run, walk, wheel, cycle, swim, skate, sniff, taste and more towards your mission… Or a combo of any/all the above! All ‘gadgets and gismos’ are welcome, from souped-up wheelchairs and adaptive bikes to canoes and rollerblades! 

Dress code

We hope you’ll jump into the fun spirit of the event and dress up in Superhero costumes! (And we would love you to share your super challenge photos and videos on Workplace and your social media networks to help motivate other Superheroes and Sidekicks (teammates) taking part.)

Race packs

For all your hard work, you will receive a Super Race Pack in the post which includes a medal, T-shirt and a finish line tape for those celebratory finish-line moments! 

A group of people at the finishing line wearing medals

Any questions?

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Lucy in events on

Email Lucy