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i2i Learning Consultant


Innovation to Inclusion (i2i) is a three-year Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) funded programme designed to develop, test, validate and share learnings from innovative interventions that will directly improve access to waged employment in the private sector for women and men with disabilities.

People with disabilities often experience considerably higher rates of socioeconomic disadvantage than people without disabilities, including lower rates of employment compounded by the fact that disability inclusion is a neglected, under-prioritised, and complex issue. As a result of limited attention, the sector lacks evidence regarding effective interventions. i2i has been designed as a holistic, innovative and people-centred approach that will deliver direct and sustainable change for women and men with disabilities in Bangladesh and Kenya, while demonstrating the potential for change of successful interventions that strengthen disability inclusion, and validating these in a third country.

Key objectives

The learning question this paper seeks to respond to is How can accessible technology be used to effectively engage and retain women and men with disabilities in work?

Based on review of existing evidence, learning and findings of the project the paper will focus on the theme of Public and Private Sector Partnerships for Inclusive Innovation, with a subtheme of Inclusive innovation approaches: Engaging persons with disabilities to participate in innovation processes.

Within this it will seek to answer the following research questions:

  • How effective is working in partnership with private sector technology organisations as an approach to design, develop and deliver digital employment innovations and services for persons with disabilities in developing countries?
  • At an organisational level, and beneficiary level, what have been the most significant benefits of implementing the DEP model in Bangladesh and Kenya? What are the disadvantages of working with this model?
  • How can commercial digital technologies be used innovatively in low resource settings to promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities?
  • Inclusive innovation approaches: Including persons with disabilities at every stage of the innovation process. Advantages and disadvantages of engaging and including service users at the different stages of developing digital products for persons with disabilities.

Application process

Please submit a CV and cover letter including links to previous published work to by 23 November 2021.

This position might close early if a suitable candidate is found.

Business Development Consultant for the USA


Leonard Cheshire (LC) is a leading inclusive development agency, with over 70 years successful experience in supporting persons with disabilities across the globe.

Leonard Cheshire global work includes inclusive education, economic inclusion, youth leadership, protection and wellbeing, policy and influencing and academic research. Building the expert capacity of partners and clients and the utilization of digital and technological solutions are integral to the organisation work.

Leonard Cheshire delivers projects through local partners and also contributes technical expertise on disability and inclusion to mainstream programmes. The organization holds the Secretariat for the Leonard Cheshire Disability Global Alliance, a network of over 200 independent organisations across over 50 countries, one of the world’s largest networks wholly dedicated to supporting persons with disabilities.

As part of the plan to expand its funding and geographical influencing, and in support of expanding its global impact, Leonard Cheshire has established Leonard Cheshire USA.

Lead by reputable trustees the remit of LCUSA is to:

  • Contribute to the growth plan by opening up opportunities for partnerships and funding in the United States, from institutional as well as other funders
  • Provide an opportunity to LC to more effectively develop and maintain collaboration with global organisations, such as the United Nations agencies, World Bank and major donors.


Expressions of Interest can be submitted for either part or all of these Terms of Reference.

To express your interest in supporting Leonard Cheshire USA please send an expression of interest including CV and a cover letter outlining:

  • The approach you would take to support LC US growth
  • Networks you are engaging with that will be of relevance
  • Proposed results in regard to the number of new contacts, partnerships developed and bid submissions
  • Expertise in successfully securing strategic/funding partnerships.
  • Your experience of supporting similar initiatives
  • Proposed rates

Expression of interest need to be sent by the 21 November to

Procurement of office equipment in Kenya


Leonard Cheshire is inviting suppliers to send in their most competitive bids for the procurement of office equipment to our Nairobi office in Kenya.

This will be under the Innovation to Inclusion (i2i) programme, a programme being implemented by a consortium of partners led by Leonard Cheshire in Kenya. The programme works in urban locations in Kenya (Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu) to increase the meaningful inclusion of women and men with disabilities in waged employment in the private sector.

Submission of bids

These equipment will go a long way to ensuring we achieve this vision. If you feel to have the capacity to supply these items, we request you fill in the prices for the following items and share with us at on or before 10 October 2021.

Please provide the following information together with your price quotes.

  1. Copy of registration certificate
  2. Copy of tax compliance certificate
  3. Copies of three recent contracts or orders of over KES 1,000,000.00 for similar items supplied not more than one and half years ago.
  4. Recent bank statement for last three months that demonstrates financial capacity to supply.
  5. Delivery period in Nairobi after LPO has been issued.
  6. A sample will be required before delivery once awarding has been done.

Open call

Our international department are always looking for experienced consultants to join our roster to add extra capacity to our staff.

We're looking for consultants with any of the following skills:

  • inclusive education
  • economic inclusion
  • assistive technology
  • innovation and technology
  • inclusive policies and advocacy
  • MEL
  • safeguarding
  • finance
  • proposal writing
  • project management and grant management

If you are interested to join our consultants’ roster for short/medium term assignments please submit your CV to

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