Everyone should have the right to travel

Our Director of Policy Gemma Hope explains why we're supporting Department of Transport ‘It’s Everyone’s Journey’ campaign.

In response to the Department of Transport ‘It’s Everyone’s Journey’ campaign, our Director of Policy Gemma Hope said: 

“We are supporting the Department for Transport’s ‘It’s Everyone’s Journey’ campaign. As more people begin to use public transport again, it’s the ideal opportunity to reassess attitudes towards disabled passengers and raise awareness about the various ways accessible travel can be improved. 

“Public awareness isn’t the only barrier to inclusive transport though. Our research found almost half our stations are not step-free (41%) and at the current rate of improvement, the rail network won’t be accessible until 2070. If we could change this, our research showed it could help around 51,000 people with work-limiting disabilities into employment.

“Everyone should have the right to travel where they want. So we’re continuing to call for a new law that guarantees all rail journeys in Britain will be fully accessible by 2030.

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