Neal, resident, with a member of staff at Llanhennock Lodge

My Voice My Choice

What is My Voice My Choice?

Our My Voice My Choice programme is designed to develop your campaigning and advocacy skills so you’ll be able to make a difference in your local community. 

How does it work?

We have planned a series of training workshops, inspiring talks by guest speakers and access to one-to-one mentoring. 

These events are all designed to build your confidence, grow your network and give you the tools to be an effective campaigner.

How can I get involved?

Some events will be by invitation, whilst others will be open to all, with some limitations of numbers. Keep an eye on this page to see each new event go live, or email us with any questions at

What do we cover?

Having listened to feedback from participants, we are excited to share our proposed series of events. Please note these may be subject to change:

Training opportunities

  • Easy Read
  • Participatory Photography
  • Social Model of Disability

Talks for inspirational campaigners and self-advocates

Including Samantha Renke on the social model of disability and why ‘disability is not a dirty word.’

As well as other fantastic guest speakers sharing their experience of advocacy, campaigning and entrepreneurial sprit.

One-to-one mentoring

Joshua Reeves, a valued member of the MVMC team, as well as a successful disability rights campaigner, is committed to empowering disabled people with the tools to create positive change within their Welsh communities. 

He will work with you on a one-to-one basis to support your campaign drive-whatever that may look like.

From improving access to Changing Places Toilets, to creating a podcast and everything in between, Josh’s expertise will guide you towards making a big impact. Watch the video below to learn more about Josh and how to apply for space on the mentoring programme. 

More details to follow.

As a disabled person myself, the sessions put on by Leonard Cheshire were vital. Helping to make sure a disabled person knows how to and where to report a hate crime and the importance of fitness is vital and I applaud Leonard Cheshire for the work they are doing.

Citizen Panel Toolkit

Over the past two years of the programme we have developed this fantastic resource together with participants.

We're delighted to share this Citizen Panel Toolkit with you, as a means to set up and run a Citizen Panel in your area and get your campaigning journey off to a flying start.