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Anil shares some ideas on how employers can be more flexible in the workplace.

I would like to see all application forms digitised as it will make it easier for disabled applicants to complete and submit.

I am Anil and I have Cerebral Palsy but this has never stopped me from living a normal life or achieving my full potential.

My passion lies in website development and I have designed my very own website based on my disability. I believe this is a good initiative which will definitely help me secure that dream job of mine of becoming a website developer.

Applications need to be accessible

I have applied for jobs over the years and the process and my experience has been fairly straightforward. This being said, I have struggled completing application forms due to my dexterity restrictions.

I requested a digital version and I was then able to complete the form successfully and with ease. I would like to see all application forms digitised as it will make it easier for disabled applicants to complete and submit. 

Developing skills

Out of the applications I submitted, I was shortlisted to the interview process on two separate occasions, which I was extremely overjoyed by. However, despite receiving excellent feedback about my interview skills I did not get the jobs.

I did feel disheartened for a short period. But despite the setbacks I continued on to develop my skills and gain further qualifications. 

I believe I will be able to gain the required experience by undertaking a course at an advance level. Unfortunately, the course is unavailable at my local Adult Education Service because of funding cuts imposed by the government.

More apprenticeships

Employers should offer more apprenticeship opportunities. This will then hopefully lead me to securing a position within an organisation as a website developer.

I would be in a better position of accepting the job as I would have understood the culture and how the organisation operates.

I have researched about apprenticeship opportunities however I have not as yet managed to any suitable vacancies in my local area of Wolverhampton.

Untapped Talent

I thoroughly enjoyed filming the Untapped Talent campaign as it was a fantastic opportunity to put forward my views about the barriers I am facing when seeking employment. I hope the film will prompt the government to take action on the concerns raised and for employers to hire more disabled people in the workplace.

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