A step forward but more is urgently needed

Our CEO Ruth Owen responds to the government's announcement about £12 billion per year on average investment in health and social care over the next three years.

In response to the government's announcement of £12 billion per year investment in health and social care over the next three years, our CEO Ruth Owen OBE said:

“The plans announced today are a step forward. They in part address decades of failure by different governments to act on social care reform.

“Not having quality social care, tailored to need, denies disabled people the opportunity to earn a living, learn or socialise. These are fundamental rights.

“Additional funds are desperately required but the changes necessary are wider than that. Deep rooted reform of social care is necessary so individual needs are better met, and in more innovative ways. We also need to work on making social care more attractive as a career to help tackle growing recruitment issues.

“There’s no denying the pressures right now. An extra £12bn was estimated to be needed for social care in England alone this year. So although this is a step in the right direction, additional money is urgently needed for the here and now.”

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