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Rising cost of living

Disabled people are having to choose between eating and heating their homes thanks to rising living costs.

It’s either heat or eat. I live on pasta and noodles. No nights out, no fun. No money for equipment. Stuck at home and socially isolated!

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Disabled people should not have to choose between heating or eating. Do you agree? Add your name to show support for disabled people facing breaking point.

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Rising costs will soon leave me out of options

One of our supporters told us about the impact the cost of living crisis is having on their life and why they're scared for the future.

"I've become an expert in frugality, owing to the ever-increasing difficulty of making ends meet on disability benefits that have not been adequately adjusted for inflation and rising costs."

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Our research

Our research revealed how around 600,000 disabled people already have less than £10 or less per week to pay for food and other essentials.

With food, energy and fuel cost rises set to skyrocket in the coming year, the impact on disabled people could be catastrophic.

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Missing meals

25% of disabled people have missed a meal because they can’t afford it.

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Heating or eating

28% of disabled people had not been able to afford to keep their home warm.

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Depressed and hopeless

55% of disabled people said they felt anxious, depressed or hopeless about financial worries and problems.

What are we calling for

By not increasing benefits in line with inflation this year and effectively cutting support in real terms, the government risks pushing disabled people below the breadline.

Lack of adequate social care is also increasing the financial difficulties faced by disabled people.

This is why we're calling on the government to:

  • Increase benefits in line with inflation.
  • Reverse proposed changes to the Warm Home Discount.
  • Provide better access to social care to boost incomes for disabled people.
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