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Alcohol Related Brain Injury Unit (ARBI)

Our Alcohol Related Brain Injury Unit (ARBI) opened in January 2020. It is a specialised 14-bed rehabilitation unit for individuals with a diagnosis of ARBI.

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Carol Shields


  • Diagnosis of ARBI
  • Abstinent for three months/ completed detox
  • Cognitive impairment and potential to improve
  • Resident in Northern Ireland
  • Medically stable
  • Can mobilise independently

It is estimated that there are 35,000 people currently living in Northern Ireland with ARBI. We recognised that those living with this diagnosis are high risk, and require specialised intervention to enable them to improve their independence.

The aim of the unit is to offer intervention for up to three years and to bridge the gap between acute hospital and community.

What support does the ARBI Unit provide?

Within the unit, individuals are given the opportunity to improve their level of functioning in the following areas:

  • Daily living skills (e.g. self-care, domestic skills, home maintenance skills, money management)
  • Cognition (e.g. learn how to use compensation strategies)
  • Emotional Regulation (e.g. learn skills to cope with and self-regulate their stress levels)
  • Social Skills (e.g. learn how to engage with and communicate with others)
  • Planning / organisation (e.g. learn how to plan and organise their day, learn how to self-monitor and self-correct their own mistakes and learn from errors).
  • Education in relation to their diagnosis


Referrals are usually made through your Care Manager.

If you're interested in working at ARBI then visit our career's website.