Remembering The Queen at Agnes Court


Lizzie lives at Agnes Court - our residential service in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Lizzie and Team Leader Lorraine Mobbs recall the memorable day they met our former patron, Queen Elizabeth II.

Lizzie holding their card for the Queen

Lizzie is relishing the chance to reminisce about meeting Queen Elizabeth. 

“She was stunning. It was very special meeting the Queen. I loved it! I remember she was very smiley. Not many people have met the Queen, But I have. I’ll always remember it.”

Immediately at ease

Team Leader Lorraine started working at our Banbury home before it became known as Agnes Court. The Queen, in her role as patron of Leonard Cheshire, visited for the home’s official opening on 27 November 2008. Lorraine tells us:

“Of course, I was really nervous. As soon as the Queen walked in, she just had this massive smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. It just put me at ease immediately and it was just like talking to anybody.”

The possibilities of technology

Lorraine vividly recalls the Queen showing a keen interest in how people can use technology to help them.

“I remember how interested she was in the impact of assistive technology in people’s rooms – also known as environmental controls. She asked me to do a demonstration of how people can open the curtains and windows, control lights and TV. She was really interested in that, and told us she was very impressed!

She was a very smiley person. Quite small, and very smart. I loved her clothes too!

New protocols

Agnes Court, which is home for 24 disabled adults, held a practice session the week before the Queen’s arrival. During the session it was explained that in order to make things run extra smoothly, standard protocol is to wait for the monarch to address you. 

Lizzie was away and unable to make the practice session, so didn’t know this information! Seemingly feeling none of Lorraine’s nerves, Lizzie got the ball rolling straight away.

“I told the Queen, ‘I went on holiday last week’. She smiled. She was a very smiley person. Quite small, and very smart. I loved her clothes too!”

Celebrating the life of the Queen

Lizzie has now lived at Agnes Court for over 14 years. She remembers watching the Queen’s funeral recently with her friends at Agnes Court, joining a tea party to celebrate the life of the late monarch. Lizzie tells us:

“The tea party was good – we had flags and bunting and cream teas. The Queen’s funeral was very sad. But she’s with her husband now.