Ten reasons to volunteer with us

Jackie Kelly

To mark Volunteers Week 2021, Jackie Kelly, our Northern Ireland Senior Community Coordinator, reveals ten top reasons to volunteer at one of our services.

Volunteering for us offers an excellent opportunity to build future employment skills, engage with vulnerable people in your community, and be part of an incredible team.

We are always thrilled to hear from anyone who would like to dedicate their time, no matter how few or many hours, to help with our work.

Here are my top ten winning reasons to explore volunteering and open the doors to fantastic opportunities.

1: Gain the edge with potential employers

Volunteering offers an empowering hands-on experience for those pursuing careers in many avenues. Many of our volunteers gain the extra edge in a recruitment process, armed with the skills and experiences they have gained in our services.

2: Connecting with other people

Volunteers often talk about the great camaraderie and social aspect of engaging with our service users and staff. This has helped them to build new relationships, which have stood the test of time.

3: Making a difference

As a volunteer, you’ll enjoy the empowering sense of achievement of seeing the progress and improvement in the lives of the people that you work with.

4: It's great for your wellbeing

Volunteers say they have found a great sense of purpose through their volunteering and feel empowered by seeing the successful outcomes that result from their work.

5: Becoming an active part of the community

We work with many partner organisations and hold numerous special events throughout the year that significantly impact the community. Volunteering offers the opportunity to be part of the wider success story.

6: We are adaptable

 We are always grateful to have volunteers, and we work around their schedules. Even if you can make only a small-time commitment each week, we always endeavour to find a role that fits both the volunteer and the people we support.

7: We're a friendly team

You’ll be met by a team of fantastic, friendly staff who will guide you through the processes of working with our service. Our teams have a great sense of fun and camaraderie within the organisation.

8: The opportunity to grow within Leonard Cheshire

Some of our volunteers have progressed to full-time and permanent employment with us. Volunteering allows you to see the values that we have as an organisation before working with us.

9: You'll make friends for life

 Many of our volunteers have harnessed long-lasting working relationships with our staff and service users, which have been pivotal to the wellbeing of those we serve.

10: It's so easy to get involved in volunteering

You can browse and apply for our volunteering opportunities in the volunteering section of our website. 

If you are interested in the volunteering opportunity, you can also drop us an email: Office1@leonardcheshire.org.