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Podcast: Disability Pride with Dr Hannah Barham-Brown

Following on from Disability Pride Month, Dr Hannah Barham-Brown talks about disability activism and what makes her proud to be disabled. She also discusses LGBTQ events and why they need to be more inclusive.

Podcast: Tattoos and Disability

In this episode, Josh and Jax, who both have several tattoos, discuss their experiences, from tattoos related to their disabilities, to first tattoo regret, and more!

Living with Chiari Malformation

Mark talks about his experience of being diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, his life at Seven Springs and the importance of community.

Podcast: From adventurer to advocate

Shehla spent the most of her twenties travelling around the world and flying her drone. In her thirties she was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder and everything changed. Shehla went from adventurer to advocate and tells us about...

Podcast: Living with an invisible disability

Mili, who is originally from Argentina, talks with honesty and openness about the effect M.E. has on her life. She also tells us why attitudes to people with invisible disabilities need to improve.

Why I am running the London Marathon

Our very own Dave Hursthouse, Assistive Technology Project Manager at Hill House, will be donning his running shoes and taking on the London Marathon. Dave shares why he will be running for us this year.