Marketing and fundraising

This notice specifically covers how we use supporters’ data for marketing and fundraising purposes.

The purpose of processing

We process personal data for the following reasons:

Event management

  • To manage and support our current event enquirers and participants. 
  • To raise awareness and gain support from individuals with a connection to Leonard Cheshire to promote its purposes and influence meaningful change to issues championed by the organisation.


  • To manage and support our current event enquirers and participants. 
  • To raise awareness and gain support from individuals with a connection to Leonard Cheshire to promote its purposes and influence meaningful change to issues championed by the organisation.

Marketing Communications

  • To inform supporters of the work of the organisation
  • To carry out fundraising activities by defining adequate fundraising requests in terms of products, ask level and frequency. 


  • To manage donations from individuals, collect Gift Aid and evidence donations.
  • To carry out fundraising activities by defining adequate fundraising requests in terms of products, ask level and frequency.
  • To manage donations from individuals, collect gift aid and evidence donations

Case Studies

  • To raise awareness of issues of importance to disabled people.
  • To illustrate the need of disabled people and our work to support external and internal communications activity and inform our policy work. 
  • To influence stakeholders to enable meaningful change to issues championed by Leonard Cheshire. 
  • To get support from the general public to influence meaningful change to issues championed by Leonard Cheshire. 
  • To use a legators' story details for marketing purposes. 


  • To administer the donations left in wills in line with legal requirements.
  • To evidence the relationship between a legator and the organisation in case a will benefiting Leonard Cheshire is challenged.


  • To manage the archiving of materials in the public interest. 

The legal basis we use for processing

In all our marketing activities we have a legitimate interest in keeping people up to date with the work we do from an administrative point of view.

In some instances, we have a legal or contractual obligation to process data.  Donations and tax information for example.

There will be circumstances where we will ask for your consent to process information about you.

Specifically, in the area of archiving we preserve the information in the public interest for research or statistical purposes.  We may also process personal information because an individual or their legal representative, have given us consent and/or has made this information public themselves.

We may also process personal data as part of a contract held between Leonard Cheshire and a third party.

What data we need

We process the following types of personal data:

  • Names
  • Address 
  • Email 
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Information necessary to process donations; bank details, credit/debit card details and taxpayer status
  • Event-related information where applicable, physical or mental health information or t-shirt size or dietary requirements
  • Legacy related information such as relationships with other people or organisations and any other information related, for example financial relating to an estate or any characteristics connecting a supporter with Leonard Cheshire to be remembered. 
  • Case study information will generally contain someone’s views or experiences and is likely to include mental or physical health information as well as personal data.

Why we need the data and what we do with it

Event management

We use this information to effectively communicate with event attendees and support event participants and to effectively manage the logistics of hosting and/or participating in events.

We also need this information to ensure that fundraising targets for events are effectively achieved. We need health information and disability status to ensure health and safety and any access requirements when taking part in any of our events or activities.


We use this information to effectively communicate with Leonard Cheshire's supporters about the activities of the organisation, including the impact of Leonard Cheshire on supporters and clients; ways to donate; events run by Leonard Cheshire.

Marketing communications

We will only send you non-transactional communications by email, text and telephone if you have explicitly provided your prior consent, or (in the case of corporate subscribers) your organisational contact details.

You may opt-out of our marketing communications at any time by updating your preferences via the link in our emails.

We may send you marketing communications by post unless you have told us that you would prefer not to hear from us.

Donation processing

We use this information to ensure compliance with legislation regarding donation processing, fundraising management and Gift Aid as well as to ensure the wishes of supporters are followed with regards to the use of funds and communications.

Credit and debit card information is used to collect donations, either through our payment client Stripe or virtual terminal. Card details are not retained by Leonard Cheshire. 

Case Studies

We use this information to raise awareness and to support our work.  We also keep individuals informed about the use of their case studies, to collect further information for case studies, and to ensure that contributing individual’s wishes are respected.


We use this information to effectively administer donations left in wills in line with legal requirements, to meet our obligations to legislation and those supporters who have left gifts in their will.  We also require this information to effectively communicate with supporters and next of kin according to their wishes. 


We permanently preserve the archives of Leonard Cheshire (as detailed in our public catalogue on The National Archives' Discovery database) and make them available for research.

These are records including files, plans, photographs, pictures, posters, films and sound recordings in analogue and digital form. Records that are selected for permanent preservation have lasting value due to research, understanding of history, for the protection of legitimate interests and for purposes of administration and compliance with legislation.

More recent records transferred to us for permanent preservation may contain personal information about living individuals and this information is handled according to safeguards in data protection legislation for archiving purposes in the public interest.

We also use data for reporting, which is carried out on data collected, including click and open rate. Donation and contact information to create reports to support the work of the fundraising and finance teams and reports produced for improving our stewardship programmes is processed anonymously.

How we get information

The type and quantity of information we collect from you and how we use it depends on why you are providing it.


We may collect information in the following ways:

  • From visitors to our website and other websites and pages maintained directly by Leonard Cheshire. Leonard Cheshire will collect personal information from you when, for example, you complete any online forms, enquire about our activities, make a donation, apply to become a volunteer, or register with us for anything else related to our core activities
  • From our partner websites (for example the London Marathon website, fundraising sites like Virgin Money or JustGiving, or from partner organizations such as schools and colleges, Job Centre Plus and other local authorities);
  • From third parties’ websites (for example, while we search for new supporters, we might collect data available publicly online such as from Google, or from organisations that you have given permission to share your details);
  • Directly from you via telephone, email, post or in person 

From public registers such as:

  1. The Royal Mail database, which contains details of those who have ticked the ‘opt out’ box when registering for the re-direction service. This is so we can keep our database up to date if any of our contacts change their address.
  2. The TPS register, which contains the details of those who have said that they do not wish to receive unsolicited marketing calls. 
  3. The Mailing Preference service, which contains a list of names and addresses of consumers and businesses who have told the Direct Marketing Association that they wish to limit the amount of direct mail they receive. More info is available here
  4. The Fundraising Preference Service, another public register ran by the Fundraising Regulator. Find out more information on the Fundraising Preference Service.

Please contact or call us on 0300 303 0074 in order to have the full list of public registers.

Information sharing

We will not share your information with any third parties for the purposes of direct marketing.


In some circumstances, we are legally obliged to share information. For example, under a court order or where we cooperate with other European supervisory authorities in handling complaints or investigations.

We might also share information with other regulatory bodies in order to further their, or our, objectives. In any scenario, we’ll satisfy ourselves that we have a lawful basis on which to share the information and document our decision making and satisfy ourselves we have a legal basis on which to share the information.


However, when we use these third parties, we disclose only the personal information that is necessary to deliver the services and we have a contract in place that requires them to keep your information secure and prevents them from using it for their own direct marketing purposes. 


Please be reassured that we will not release your information to third parties for them to use for their own direct marketing purposes, unless we are required to do so by law, for example, by a court order or for the purposes of prevention of fraud or other crime.

How long we keep the data

We will only retain your data for as long as is necessary or in accordance with legal requirements. How long we need to keep your personal data will depend on the purpose it was collected for, including to providing you with agreed services and to meet our legal and regulatory obligations.

For information on how long your data is stored please email

What are your rights?

Where we are using our legitimate interest’s, you have the right to object to this. Where we have asked for your consent you have the right to withdraw this at any time.

You can exercise both of those rights by contacting or call us on 0300 303 0074

You can find out the full details of your rights in the main section of the privacy policy.

Do we use any data processors?

We use data processors who are third parties who provide elements of services for us. We have contracts in place with our data processors. This means that they cannot do anything with your personal information unless we have instructed them to do it. They will not share your personal information with any organization apart from us. They will hold it securely and retain it for the period we instruct.

Do we make any overseas transfers?

We do not transfer data outside the EU but may work with companies who have servers outside the UK, we make sure there is an adequate level of protection for your data and the companies provide appropriate safeguards. 

International case studies collected in non-EU countries are sent to the International team in London. In any scenario of data transfer within Leonard Cheshire offices, there is due diligence we comply with in order to transfer this data and the individuals whose data it involves will be informed of such activity.

Do we use any automated decision-making including profiling?

We don’t make use of any automated decision-making processes.

We are committed to making our work more unique for our supporters. To do this, from time to time, we may carry out profiling and screening methodologies, which may involve obtaining additional information about our supporters that is publicly available or from third parties.

This is so that we can improve our understanding of your preferences and build better supporter experiences. For example, it may help us to create tailored communications about how you can support our work financially, or about how you can add your voice to our campaign actions. 

We also may use profiling to carry out due diligence. This means that we may look at certain types of donations from individuals or organisations to make sure that the donation comes from lawful activities. We may also make sure that the donor, or the organisation on behalf of which the donation is made, shares our values and our beliefs of solidarity, inclusion and respect for all individuals whatever their background and ability.

We may carry out targeted fundraising activities based on profiling techniques from the information held on our database. We may sometimes work with third-party organisations, which provide additional information, including wealth screening and/or publicly available information about our supporters, for example about their characteristics based on where they live. 

This information can be linked to the information that supporters have already provided to us. This will allow us to spend our marketing budget more effectively, and make appropriate requests based on your financial means and interest.

You can opt-out of this activity at any time by contacting or calling the Leonard Cheshire Supporter Care Line on 0300 303 0074.

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